About Redbridge Residents

The Redbridge Residents association was formed in 1983.

Since its formation the association has tackled many issues which have or could have the potential to impact on the residents of Redbridge.

Recent successes include the gating order for the M271 footbridge which has achieved a sizable reduction in crime within the area, a re think by the council in proposals to site the amenity tip on the test lane field…there are many other cases that could be quoted, however, it is important residents know when proposed developments, anti social behaviour, traffic problems etc…arise, we as an association will campaign on your behalf to ensure all residents enjoy a safe and clean environment.

We, in the majority of cases, will gain the support from elected councillors and relevant authorities in order the problems experienced by Redbridge Residents are highlighted and concluded in a timely manner.

Aims & Objectives

To promote the interests of all Redbridge Residents.
To take positive action on matters of interest to Rebridge Residents.
To produce information for Redbridge residents through this website and periodic newsletters

To Listen to the concerns of Redbridge Residents

To work closely with the Southampton City Council and its agencies to resolve all issues of concern to Redbridge Residents 


We kindly ask all residents for an annual fee of only £3 to assist with printing, stationary & web hosting costs

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